About us

St Kilda Community Housing (SCH) – and its predecessor the St Kilda Rooming House Issues Group –  has provided affordable accommodation options for single people in the St Kilda area for 25 years. Over the years SCH has worked hard to improve the quality of housing  for single people.

We have helped develop and design programs for tenants in order to maximise their community involvement, including:

  • social meals programs;
  • creative writing opportunities;
  • dental health care services; and
  • a variety of social activities.

Our work is based upon the belief that rooming house tenants have the same rights to social inclusion and engagement as any other members of our community. Whilst the nature of rooming houses is changing as more single rooms become converted to bedsits and self-contained flats, the emphasis upon inclusion and community will remain at the forefront of our work.

SCH works in partnership with a number of local agencies including:

Prahran Mission Job Supply Personnel Program